1 page essay that tells us the experiences that have influenced your decision to pursue further education through college and how these experiences will help you be successful in the future.

I will be attending college to play football. It has been a dream of mine to play college football since I was six years old.  At age seven I got to travel with the football teams my dad has coached.  I was a ball boy for many years.  My dad being a coach has allowed me to see the coaching profession up close.  I grew up playing in weight rooms, field houses, and fields.  During the winter I played in the gym and spent spring on the track and baseball fields.  I have grown up around coaches and been in locker rooms with many good high school teams.  I have seen the difference coaches make in players’ lives. I have been fortunate to get to play on my dad’s team as a high school player.  Being around so many different coaches and teams through the years has fueled my passion to become a coach.  When my college playing days are over I plan to coach.  For me athletics is a way of life.  Being a part of a team brings great satisfaction.  I hope I can influence young people and change lives like the coaches I’ve seen growing up have done. My dad always said that athletics is the only place on earth where your skin color, political beliefs, and economic status doesn’t matter. If you are in the locker room being a teammate is all that matters.  I see coaching as a great profession.  It is all the years of living in a coaching family that will enable me to be successful in the coaching profession.


Notes: I am a quarterback.  This year we had a great season 14-1.  We were only 1 game away from the state championship game.  I am fortunate to be able to continue playing quarterback at the college level.  Being a quarterback means being the leader of the team.  I am the first to arrive at the fieldhouse and the last to leave.  I am the one they look to tell them we will win and this is what we are going to do.  As a coaches kid, I have moved to many different schools.  At each school I face having to prove my ability to play quarterback.  My dad always makes me compete for my position. This helps win the trust of my teammates if they have confidence in my abilities.


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