1984 Research Essay Assignment

Requirements and Suggestions
You are encouraged to use ideas from our class discussions as the basis for your thesis. But you
must support your thesis with evidence from the text of the novel. Remember to use your text
Reading and Writing about Literature as a resource to help you write the essay.
Your essay must incorporate at least five research sources in addition to the novel itself, for a
total of six sources.
You are encouraged to use the college library, both print sources and research databases,
particularly the Literary Criticism Database. You may also use sources found on the course
website and on the wild wild web, as long as the sources pass the CRAAP test (Currency,
Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose).
Your essay must conform to MLA format and include a works cited page. Quotations from
outside sources must include a signal phrase consisting of 1) source name, 2) source credential,
3) appropriate, strong verb.
Essay length: 7-10 pages (not counting works cited page).
Due Date: May 13th
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