A clear portrayal of the ability to carry out a rigorous analysis of the problem is a prerequisite for the communication and media essay.

This means that you should look at the assignment description over and give it careful thought before planning a plan of attack. You need to look beyond the black and white and read between the lines to fully grasp the scope of the assignment. This ensures that when you get to work, only the information that is highly relevant to the essay assignment feature in your work. Extraneous information can serve to ruin the essay by making the essay shallow due to lack of inclusion of the necessary information. Extraneous bits of information also mean that you end up exposing your work to misinterpretation. The best form of communication needs to be succinct and comprehensive. The language needs to be simple, but not simplistic. This means that you follow all the requirements of proper grammar and use vocabulary that is sufficient and that befits a communications and media assignment. A wordy communication and media essay turns off the reader and distracts the attention of your audience from the critical areas of your writing. You should also maintain proper parallelism in your communication and media essay, have subject-verb agreement, antecedent-verb agreement and no squinting adverbs. Following these rules ensures that the communication and media essay is not only clear in its message, but that you get top grades for your work.

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