A Graduate Paper

 A Graduate Paper

At the university level, the main mode of testing takes the form of essays that the students are supposed to write for evaluation. Graduate paper usually contains an abstract, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. A title page may also appear on the paper and a references page comes last on the graduate paper. The title’s main function is to inform readers on the subject of the graduate paper and it should avoid words that do not serve any purpose. The abstract is a short overview or summary of the graduate paper. It must be autonomous and understandable to the reader without referring to the body of the article. The introduction states the topic or research problem and explains the value of the issue in the wider context. The thesis statement is usually contained here and it gives the objective of the graduate paper.

Challenges of Writing a Graduate Paper

The graduate paper demands a lot of skill in following the format that the assignment desires. Many formats exist and they tend to be very specific to the assignment subject. As the student is likely to encounter many of these, internalizing what is each and every style requires becomes a monumental task. This multiplicity of styles makes the student to not fully grasp any of them and they are bound to make mistakes. Mistakes in using the citation style renders the paper plagiarized: the student is expected to correctly acknowledge all sources of information that they use to develop the paper. Leaving out a citation entirely or making mistakes in citing may thus lead to a failing grade for the paper. Moreover, a great deal of research is needed to accomplish writing a graduate paper. A student has to know how to tell credible sources of information from those that are not credible and they additionally need to make a judgment on what is relevant to the topic of the graduate paper and what is not. Additionally, the graduate paper requires a good command of English and grammatical errors have no place in this paper. The same goes for punctuation errors and the word choice in the paper should be good. To ensure that the paper has a nice and logical flow of ideas, the student is also required to maintain good transition from paragraph to paragraph.

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