A nursing role

The nursing role i chose for the assignment was Plunket Nurse/well child Tamariki Ora Nurse. This is a resit as I am allowed to have one resit for the entire year. I did not pass at first because I was otherwhelmed with different assignments and did not get anough time to finish on time. I am busy with other assignments and my job at the moment that why I
need a writer. This nursing a role (Plunket nursing) is related to New Zealand, thus the writer would need to refer to New Zealand source of information and references. The nursing role (plunket nurse) is also new to me and I did not know anything about it for that reason I needed more time to research but I didn’t. Plunket nursing is about caring for children and new mothers or mothers who have low socioeconomic status so that they have a good follow-up for the protection of children wellbeing. The writer does not need to have previous knowledge on this nursing role but just need to be keen and good on researching information to produce a good essay. I need this resit to pass the paper

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