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Most students find itchallenging to have to adhere not only to the assignment’s requirements, but to the strict rules that govern the format and structuring of an essay. These students seek essay help for their assignment and they usually pay for these services. Controversy surrounds the use of essay help services as many academicians claim that essay help is very ruinous on the academic integrity of the students. The students, however, tend to disagree with these claims and the proponents of essay help services claim that the services are very useful for a student who just wants to seek guidance from the more experienced writers; they claim that it is a case of sour grapes by the instructors who never had the comforts of using such services and had to rely on whatever limited resources that they had back in their time. While much vilified, essay help services have been defended as just a response to the high demand that exists for these services. The demand for essay help services is seen as nothing more than the culmination of the quest to fill in a gap left by the inadequacies of the usually haughty instructors who make students to have to work extra hard to get guidance from them.

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