(Accounting) Powerpoint presentation on an accounting fraud case study of Toshibha

The format should be powerpoint slides with APA referencing and since it is a 5-10 minutes presentation it should consist of 8-10 slides..The powerpoint slides should be based on an accounting fraud on Toshibha..However the slides should not be wordy and should be made in an exciting way as three of us will be presenting it to our lecturer and therefore the writer can write the script for the words we can speak during presentation in a different paper stating which slide we are talking about..The deadline is 14 days..I would upload the relevant materials soon..If the writer can choose a suitable case study on accounting fraud that can capture the audience attention,he can feel free to discuss with me about it as I want to score really well for this assignment..I have uploaded the main details required for the assignment on MS word.. Pls do thorough research such as identifying the main issues the main players of accounting fraud and how the case was solved and the message conveyed to audience..I will also upload the recordings of what my lecturer sopke of what he expects on this assignment..thanks.


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