Action Research assignment ( Dttls course )

I need a bespoke Action Research assignment of why English is the best language to use in a multicultural classroom setting

Task 1- Outcomes: 1, 2.1

Identify an area for research based on a problem in your professional practice which you want to explore further. Discuss your reasons for choosing this issue and how it is going to be of benefit to you in your own teaching practice if you can find a resolution. Explain how action research is appropriate for this study and describe the key features of action research detailing the action research cycle.

Task 2- Outcomes: 4.1, 4.2

Research the existing literature on your area of research and discuss any principles, ideas, issues and solutions which may have been addressed through these studies. Identify where there are gaps in the existing knowledge and formulate a hypothesis based on this.

Task 3- Outcomes: .2-2.5, 3.1,3.2

Select a range of appropriate methodologies for researching this hypothesis and discuss how these fit the principles of action research and how they will benefit your own research project. Consider the following:

– How are you going to collect the data you need for your research?

– Will it be quantitative or qualitative or both?

– How many people will be involved?

– Will these people be willing?

– What are the ethical considerations?

– What are the political considerations?

– How will you address confidentiality?

– How can you minimise the risk of bias?

– What timescales will you use?

– What are the potential impacts of your timescale?

– How will you record and monitor?

– Justify your reasons for each decision.

Task 4- Outcomes: 3.3, 4.3,4.4, 4.5

Collect the information you need using the methodologies you have chosen. Present and analyse the data you have collected in detail. Discuss ways in which your data can be analysed. Use charts and diagrams where possible so that it is a visual presentation.

Task 5- outcomes 4.6, 5 and 6

Write up your results and conclusions considering the following:

– What have you learnt from this?

– Are there areas you can improve?

– What has not been answered?

– Refer to your hypothesis and the existing literature

– Put forward recommendations for further research.

– Think about what knowledge you have gained from carrying out an action research project. Are there skills you need to improve? How can you continue to improve your action research skills?

Once you have completed all of the above assignments submit them as one Action Research piece of work. Ensure that you include properly formatted in-text citations and a complete and accurate reference list at the end of the assignment. Refer to the earlier notes on Harvard Referencing for guidance.

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