Admission essay is also referred as personal statement.

Admission essay is also referred as personal statement. It is vital part of the law school application process. It is one of the most stressing aspect in admission because students may be denied admission if they fail to write a clear convincing admission essay.

Writing admission essay is a process, not a mere discrete event.  It involves preparation, researching and composing the essay using the most convincing words. In order to write a convincing admission essay, the following steps should be adhered to:




The introduction is the most important part of the application essay. The first sentence should introduce the essay and capture the attention of the reader.  In the introduction, you should keep the reader interested in reading. The first sentence should be unique and grab the attention of the reader. It should express your desire to study the subject and highlight why you are applying for the program.




The body should have several paragraphs that support the information that was given in the introduction.  Every paragraph should come with a transition sentence. Each paragraph should also have a resolution which ends the paragraph with a meaningful sentence.  The following should be included in the body of the paragraph:


Conduct personal assessment:


The first step in writing graduate admission essay involves carrying out a thorough personal assessment process.  You need to take a lot of time in the process of self-exploration to understand all personal details. The first step is therefore to sit down with a pad and write down comprehensive personal details. You should write what you feel is natural for you and.


It is important to first take notes that exemplify your personal strengths. Begin with what drives you. Describe all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations that drive you everyday.  What are you hoping to gain from the graduate study? Consider different thinks about you including:


  • Hobbies
  • Projects you have participated in
  • Jobs you have taken
  • Responsibilities
  • Major accomplishments in life
  • Life events that you feel motivates your most
  • People who have influenced you most in you life
  • Traits, work habits, and attitudes that will ensure that you fulfill your goals


You should carefully consider all your academic records and personal accomplishments you have had in life. Talk about values, attitudes, personal qualities, and experiences. Pair everything up and show how this graduate program will assist you to achieve your hopes and aspirations in life.




Research about the program you are applying for. Know all what it entails. After you understand the program well including all the contents, duration, and others, talk of your personal strengths will assist you to accomplish this and how the contents of the program will assist you in future life.



Being the last paragraph of the application essay, it should restate you interest of joining the program.  It should state all the key points that were mentioned in the body including experiences and accomplishments. It should end with a positive note with one or two sentences that grabs the attention of the reader.

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