AdWords Campaign

AdWords Campaign

Order Description

For this project, you will create a 21-day long search advertising campaign using Google AdWords. Your campaign budget is $2,100, and you may allocate it anyway based on your campaign plan.

First of all, please go through the Tutorial in this module to get familiar with the structure and functions of Google AdWords. Then, develop an AdWords campaign for your chosen brand. Finally, report your campaign in detail.

Important issues to consider when developing a search campaign:

Identify the target audience, consumer insight, and the campaign objectives.
Decide on the campaign theme.
Choose a network (Search and/or Display).
Create Two Ad Groups.
Create Two Copies of search ads in each Ad Group.
Generate Keyword lists.
Decide on targeting strategy.
Budget across 21 days.
Your project report should include the following:

A URL link to your Google AdWords account (remember: you need to add as account manager before sharing the account)
Description of the target audience, campaign objectives and themes, and the chosen network.
A diagram of the ad groups structure, along with a description.
Screenshots of the four example search ads and an explanation of the creative ideas behind the ads.
A list of keywords for each ad group, at least 10 keywords per ad group.
Your targeting strategy for each ad group and the reasoning for the strategy.
Any inspirations or difficulties that you encountered in this project.