african american history/henry bibb


AAD 262/HST 262
Professor Jonathan Sassi
Spring 2018
Essay #2
Directions: You are to write a 4-5 page, double-spaced essay in response to EITHER of the
following two questions:
A. What were the five most important indictments of slavery made in Henry Bibb’s narrative?
B. What were the five most important factors in Henry Bibb’s escape from slavery to freedom?
Your essay should advance an argument (or thesis) that answers the question. It should be well
written and include an introduction and conclusion. Evidence in support of your argument
should be drawn from The Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb. Place your page references in
parentheses. You not need to use sources or research from outside what has been assigned in this
class. The assigned material gives you plenty to work with. Be careful not to plagiarize!
Your paper is due in class on Monday, May 7. Include a cover page with your name and the
title of your essay, and staple the paper in the upper lefthand corner.

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