American Government; Ways for Political Campaigns to Raise Money & ethical issues.

Presentation & Written Assignment   HIST3200


Here are the topics that you can choose from for your writing assignment and presentation. You will choose one topic, research it and present it using a power point presentation. You also must turn in a written essay using at least two sources to back up your claims with a reference/citation sheet so I know where your information came from. Your paper will be graded based on accepted writing guidelines of this University. The written paper shall be no less than 2 pages. The written assignments must be typewritten double spaced on white paper with 1″± margins and stapled in the left-hand corner without covers or binders. The location of the MLA information may be found online at  Only work that is properly cited will be graded.

I reserve the right to have you send your paper through at any time.


You will present on Monday May 7th and turn in your paper at that time as well. Nothing will be accepted by email. You will present in an order of my choosing so be ready. You must be in class unless you have a written, valid excuse from student services. If you come late to class you will wait outside until you see that the person presenting is done then you can enter the room.

You will have 5 minutes of class time to present your topic. It must be well thought out with some provable research. Do not wing it. You will get no points for winging it.



Describe the major sources of money that are donated to political campaigns, discussing the ethical issues that it might arise. Check out the Federal Election Regulatory Commission’s website for information.



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