An inner journey of darkness in unrequited love

Hello everyone!! In class, we have been studying the inner journey of darkness in humanity from reading the book Heart of Darkness. There are TWO parts for this assessment. The first part is that I am required to write a creative story about an inner journey and I have chosen to write about an inner journey of darkness in unrequited love ( i want the story to be aboubt how a girl falls in love with a guy but he loves someone else. This caused ” darkness ” to endorse her in the end. She suffers mentally and something like that. And maybe the visual stimulus could be a maze or something, that symbolizes she has to experience a lot physically and mentally trying to get him to love and she is becoming lost ) The second part is a bit trickier because you need to write a reflection on what you have written in the creative writing in first person. I WANT THIS TO BE A VERY INTRIGUING STORY. I need it in about 10 hours or less. Below I have attached a file about creative writing criteria and I want you to meet EVERY point in the top box. The other file I have attached is EXACTLY what I want my reflection to be like. READ THROUGH IT THOROUGHLY. If you choose to accept this assignment, before I hire you, please show me the visual stimulus that you will be using and tell me how it is significant to your story. I have also attached what my teacher wants to be included. i need about 800-900 words in 1.15 spacing for the creative writing. And i need about 700-800 words in 1.15 spacing for the reflection, please. PLEASE ONLY MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DO IT IN 7 HOURS OR LESS PLEASE!!
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