Analysis and Evaluation;

Analysis and Evaluation;

Is critical in your answer to the case study
What is/are the ethical issues?

Why do Mira Financial seem to make so many poor and/or inconsistent decisions? Etc

Are their corporate governance structures, Codes of Ethics, rules and regulations and/or leadership effective? Etc

What is the significance of …
What is the impact of …
Make sure you know the key points for EACH of the theories
Make sure you know how/where they are similar/different
Make sure you know which theories fall under which headings!
Make sure you can APPLY them to the case study
Some decisions taken by Mira etc may not be able to be supported by the theories!
Teleology – Consequences – Utilitarianism – Ends justifies the means; collective welfare etc.

Deontology – How you get there is critical – Universal Principles.  Rights, Duties, Justice and Fairness (Moral Rights and Kantian Principles)

Virtue Ethics – Special relationships with those closest to us – Ethics of Care Ethics of Care

Ethical Relativism

CARVE Principles (an amalgamation of many theories)

With reference to an appropriate range of absolutist and contemporary ethical theories, critically evaluate ……

With reference to an appropriate range of teleological and deontological ethical theories, critically evaluate the ethical lapses in Boeing explaining why their corporate governance mechanism did not prevent such lapses.

With specific reference to a range of deontological theories, critical evaluate the ‘yellow journalism’ controversy at the News of the World.

With specific reference to the CARVE principles, critically evaluate the range of ethical issues which Kelloggs encountered and comment on the decisions that they took.