Analysis / Application Papers Assignment

Analysis / Application Papers Assignment

During the semester, you will be expected to write two individual and two group analysis / application papers. Your four papers must be distributed across the three broad subject areas outlined below. Therefore at least one topic must be selected from each area. An individual paper cannot be written on a topic or an event which has been the focus of a group paper.

The focus of each paper should be a multidimensional analysis of a particular business situation or event, using relevant course concepts. The situation you select should be drawn from the current business press (e.g., Business Week, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, or the business section of a major newspaper or web portal such as Google or Yahoo.) The articles you select must be current to this semester  Papers based on articles with earlier dates will not be accepted.
Each paper must include the following elements:

1. A brief description of the business situation or event (e.g., company, event, central actors, time line, outcome, etc.)
2. A critical, multidimensional analysis of the situation / event that identifies the central organizational issue(s) involved and uses various course concepts to explain and assess the situation / event. The goal of each paper is to demonstrate your ability to apply relevant course concepts.
3. An assessment of how well or poorly the situation was resolved in terms of ?best practices? and our current understanding of organizational theory. You must include a recommendation for an alternative / better solution, or, if you feel the situation was properly resolved, some creative next-step refinements.
4. A creative title, capturing the heart of your analysis — similar to what you would expect of a business analyst writing an opinion memo or consulting report.
5. An attached copy of the business article on which your paper is based.

Each paper should be 2 ? 3 pages in length, double-spaced and word processed in 12- point font. Only hard copies of papers will be accepted. Please do not use folders — a simple cover page is sufficient.

At the bottom of your cover page include a one sentence abstract of your paper. For example: This paper focuses on Topic 2, ?The Changing Environment? as it has affected CAT (Caterpillar Equipment Corporation), using course materials on organizational structure, ethics and leadership.

Organization Environment & Ethics Organizational Dynamics

1. Creating an Ethical Infrastructure 7. Virtual Teams / Partnerships
2. The Changing Environment & Collaboration
3. Stakeholder Management 8. Managing Change
9. Leadership
Organizational Structure, Culture and Effectiveness
4. Organizational Effectiveness
5. Organizational Structure and Design
6. Organizational Culture