Analysis of Art as a form of Activism

Analysis of Art as a form of Activism

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Final Paper
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Final Research Essay: English 102

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(Final Draft ) Friday, June 19 /Canvas (Midnight) NO LATE PAPERS ACCEPTED

During this course we have examined and discussed activism and resistance as it relates to art. In particular we have examined texts that are challenging audiences in some way. For this assignment you will write a research paper (6-8 pages) that further contributes to the dialogue we have been having in class about one of the themes or topics (identity, gender, race, class, culture,etc) we have discussed in class.

Remember the topic and argument of your paper should address one or an intersection of the topics we have covered in class and relate back to art. You might focus on a specific artist or medium. Another option would be to focus on a time period. Here are some examples of topics from some of my former students.

*Analysis of three Disney films from a feminist perspective

*Analysis of art produced during the Umbrella Revolution

*Analysis of how Keith Haring work promoted activism

*Analysis of Asian Americans’ presence in television shows specifically FOB.

*Analysis of Frida Kahlo as a feminist artist

*Analysis Of Graffiti as a form of activism

*Analysis of a particular movie is form of resistance against exploitation of a certain community.

*Analysis of the way three photographers’ work resist societal expectations of what photography should be

This is the overview of Rebel Music (actually this should be in my annotated bib but i didnt put it):

MTV. Rebel Music | Native America: 7th Generation Rises (Full Episode) | MTV. Web. 12th June 2015.

The video presents MTV coverage of how Native Americans are using rebel music to fuel activism and have a positive impact in the society. The video features several artists such as Inez Jasper, who is a singer and activist engaging in rebel music to have a positive influence on the society. Inez highlights that Native Americans have been suffering because the settlers exploited them. Moreover, she highlights that Native American women are the primary targets of rape and other forms of exploitation. She believes that her music can contribute positively to bringing about change in her society. She has similar views of other Native American artists who are using their music as a form of activism.

The video is a relevant source in the development of the research paper because it highlights how Native American musicians are using music to bring about change in their society. Through music, the different artists promote certain agenda that is dear to the society. Examples of such artists include Inez Jasper, who is making a positive change in the society using their music (MTV). When she sings, she relays messages that can change the society. Therefore, the video augments other sources that focus on discussing how music can be used as a form of activism

Your final essay will be drawing upon many of the skills that we have practiced during the class. You will need to demonstrate an ability to critically engage with multiple texts. You will draw from your own personal experience with the world and text along as well as incorporating outside sources. In this paper, you will still be moving continually between claims and evidence between concrete, vivid details of experience and you answer to the So what questionbut the evidence will come from your personal experience and your research.

This essay should be thesis driven, meaning that it should include an arguable and complex claim that adds something to the discussion. Your thesis statement will synthesize, or bring together, the two parts of your paperyour research and your personal experience.

First consider what topics, artists, mediums that interest you most. Is there a specific writer or topic you are interested in learning more about. Consider what texts/artists have personal meaning to you? What texts/artists challenge you? Your essay will need to include at least one text we covered in class and four outside sources (not assigned in class).


Use high quality sources (Credible and relevant to your topic.)

At least five additional sources (Three sources need to be scholarly and the types of sources you use should vary. Don’t use five films to support your argument.)

Include both primary and secondary sources

Important considerations

This essay is not simply the relaying of information, but instead think of it as your opportunity to engage in the discussion as well as create new knowledge out of existing information (sources)
It is helpful to begin your research by thinking about what themes interest you and then form open ended question (s) to guide your research. Let these questions guide your research process and beginning stages of your essay.
You will be interweaving your personal experiences to add another dimension to the discussion, but personal experience does not take the place of high quality sources.
The personal experience you include should reflect how you engage with the texts and/or topics, further the discussion and relate back to the thesis.

Rubric for an AResearch Paper

Points Possible

Points Earned

Qualities of an Effective Proposal Memo


Content: Essay has a clear thesis and the body provides support for the authors claim. Quality sources are used to support the writers argument. The author critically engages the material in a multiple of ways which allows the author to enter the dialogue and provide new insight about the topic. Quotes make use of the PIE structure where each quote is explained.


Organization: The content of each section is broken into appropriate paragraphs. Each paragraph contains a topic sentence and logical organizational strategy, and the writer shows relationships within paragraphs and between paragraphs by the use of transitions. Each source is properly introduced in a logical way.


Surface Features: The paper is free of distracting errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation, uses economical style (doesnt repeat itself or use unnecessary words), and emphatic sentences,


Format: MLA format, work cited page and follows page requirements.

300 points