Annotated Bibliography

Locate three sources on one of the topics below. Cite the sources in MLA format and provide annotations of each of the sources, evaluating the credibility and usefulness of the source, according to the checklist in the reading materials for this module.


-Why It Is Important to Test Athletes for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

-How Pharmaceuticals Are Marketed to Healthcare Providers

-The Influence of Prince on Contemporary Musicians
If you have another topic you would like to research and find 3 sources, you may ask if your instructor if that is permitted.

Each annotation should be about two to four sentences in length and should include information showing how you evaluated the source for usefulness and a summary of the source’s content.
There are examples of Annotated Bibliographies included as attachments to this assignment.

Formatting Guidelines:
Font will be Times New Roman 12 Point
Text should be double-spaced.
Margins should be set at one inch.
Name, Course, Instructor, and Assignment should appear in the top left corner.

Annotated Bibliography

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