Annotated Bibliography of a Tragic Hero

Annotated bibliography of a tragic hero

instruction of annotated bibliography of a tragic hero

English 2, Part 2 Vocational
Lesson 2.9 Learning Guide
Lesson 2.9 Objectives: By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:
 Demonstrate knowledge of the research process
 Demonstrate knowledge of proper source documentation
 Produce an annotated bibliography that includes:
 5 reputable sources
 Properly annotated citations (see
 A paragraph below each source that explains the information gathered from it.
 Error-free grammar
In Lesson 2, you read a fictional play based on the real-life of two Annotated bibliography of a tragic heroes—Julius Caesar
himself, and his supposed friend Marcus Junius Brutus. In this assignment, you will choose one of
these historical figures and research his true story looking for specific information that supports that
he was indeed a annotated bibliography of a tragic hero. You will create an annotated bibliography of 5 sources from which you
gathered your information. See the example document to help you fully understand what is required
in an annotated bibliography in terms of formatting.
What is an annotated bibliography?
Purdue OWL Annotated Bibliography
Sample Annotated Bibliography
How to use the internet to create the bibliography formatting FOR you.
Citation Machine
Just enter the website of the source you need to cite, and will produce the
properly formatted APA citation. You can then just copy and paste that text directly into your
assignment document.
You can sign up for a session with a JMHS writing coach to receive one-on-one support.
Click on the link or type it into your URL:
Annotated Bibliography Checklist:
_____ Identify the person you choose to research
_____ Accurately identify 5 characteristics of a tragic hero that he possesses
_____ Find 5 different sources for information about your historical person.
_____ Write an annotation about each one of the 5 characteristics of the tragic hero that your person
Learning Guide
Lesson 2.9 Annotated Bibliography of a tragic hero
2 English 2, Part 2 Vocational
Lesson 2.9 Learning Guide
STEP 1: Choose your historical figure
STEP 2: Research
Read about your chosen figure using the sources listed below. You will pick 5 of these sources to use
for your annotated bibliography.
Marcus Junius Brutus Julius Caesar Ancient History Encyclopedia
“The Real Story Behind the Assassination of
Julius Caesar”
History Learning Site
MIT Classics: Marcus Brutus
Ancient History Encyclopedia Eye Witness to History BBC History
History News Network
STEP 3: Characteristics of a Tragic Hero
Read through the various sources, and identify evidence from each one that shows this historical
figure was a tragic hero. Use the chart below to assist you.
Characteristic of a Tragic Hero
Which 5 characteristics can you find evidence for in your research?
Check off 5
Flaw or error in judgment
A reversal of fortune brought about because of the hero’s error in judgment
The discovery or recognition that the reversal was brought about by the hero’s own
Excessive Pride
The character’s fate must be greater than deserved
Suffers more than he deserves
Doomed from the start, but bears no responsibility for possessing his flaw
Noble in nature, but imperfect so that the audience can see themselves in him
He discovers his fate by his own actions, not by things happening to him
His story arouses fear and empathy (you actually feel sorry for him)
Physically or spiritually wounded by his experiences, often resulting in his death
He is intelligent so he may learn from his mistakes
Faced with a very serious decision to make
English 2, Part 2 Vocational
Lesson 2.9 Learning Guide
STEP 4: Write the Annotated Bibliography
You have found evidence of 5 characteristics of a tragic hero. Now, you will produce an annotated
bibliography of a tragic hero in which you cite each source with a paragraph below that citation explaining how the
source shows us that the historical figure possessed a particulate trait of annotated bibliography of a tragic hero.

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