answering the following questions

1-What is the group IAEM? How did they help with development of NFPA 1600?
2-Please define “continuity” as it relates to NFPA 1600. Do not just copy/paste the definition from the standard.
3-According to Section 5.2.3, how should an entity conduct an analysis or risk assessment of the impacts of identified hazards? What are some of the aspects of the entity’s operations that should be considered?
4-What are the training requirements for NFPA 1600 according to Chapter 7 of the standard? Is the training knowledge-based or competency-based?
5-What type of incident management system training is required for personnel?
6-According to Sections 8.2.2 and 8.2.3, what is the purpose of tests and exercises?
7-According to Section A.3.3.12, what kind of activities can be considered exercises?
8-Briefly summarize the requirements for a risk assessment according to Section A.5.2.
9-When the standard says an entity “shall” do something, what does it mean? (Hint: look at Section F.3.2.3)
10-What kinds of personal and household information should you have ready in preparation for, response to, and recovery from an event?


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