“End of Poverty” Film


Please thoroughly answer the following questions. Write complete sentences. You must answer all parts of the question. 

Watch “The End of Poverty”



  • What is the main legacy of colonization?
  • What is the relationship between colonialism and capitalism How did it develop Europe?
  • How did economic systems change?
  • How did it destroy local cultures? Why?
  • How have colonial and capitalist structures of power evolved?
    1. What global institutions play a role in perpetuating a structure of global inequality and a cycle of poverty in the Global South?
  • What do the scholars say about “foreign aid”? [hint: flows of money between GS to GN, GN to GS]
  • What role does the United States play in perpetuating this unequal system?
    1. What is the purpose of economic hitmen and jackals?
    2. What is military neoliberalism?


 End of Poverty Instructions (1)

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