Applying Communication Theories and Ecological Principles/ Metaphors

Applying Communication Theories and Ecological Principles/ Metaphors (Individual)
The purpose of this assignment is to apply communication theory and ecological principles or metaphors to positively influence our attitudes and behaviours regarding the natural environment. It is an opportunity for you to translate theory into practice by applying an appropriate theory (or theories), in communicating one or more ecological metaphors, to develop effective communication on a topic of interest.

The assignment will require critical thinking skills, integrative thought, creativity, and clear writing. Your effective communication piece will use one or more ecological metaphors.

Your paper should include:

An introduction to your topic
An explanation of the communication theory(ies) you chose – and why you chose it(them)
The ecological principles or metaphors you are communicating though, using or teaching
A description or practical example of applying this environmental communication to your chosen topic.
Length: 1500-2000 words. Please follow the Program Policy guidelines for formatting.

Assignments must be formatted according to the APA Guidelines 6th Edition with the following specifications
• Headings formatted according to the APA style guide
• Body text in Times New Roman 12 point font
• Line-spacing 2 spaces, except where single-spacing would improve readability, such as block quotations, tables of content, reference list, etc.
• Margins should be 1″ all around
• Paragraphs should be indented
• Place all page numbers in the top right-hand corner in the document header. Include your title page within the total page count. Use Arabic numerals (e.g., 1, 2, 3) throughout the document, and continue the page numbers sequentially to the end of the report, including all appendices.
• References should be formatted according to the APA format

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