Applying Evidence

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Now you have a solid foundation of evidence, what can you do with it? First of all realize that: evidence is not an answer. You have to take all the evidence and make sense out of it as it relates to the question. This calls for an in-depth analysis of all the possible alternatives.

What are all the possible answers (alternatives ) that the evidence suggests? What are the possible outcomes of applying each answer? Consider both positive and negative outcomes. What is the best course of action? How will this action affect stakeholders?


The evidence should lead to an actionable conclusion. What alternative actions (answers) are possible based upon the evidence? What action do you recommend? Why? How will the recommended actions impact stakeholders

Submit your revised executive summary as the first page following your cover page. It is not necessary (or desirable) to resubmit the literature review. Just continue as if you were beginning the next page of the report.

Continue the research project with a full explanation of possible alternatives from the perspective of each of the stakeholder groups (review QRST 7). Evaluate the alternatives identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative. Identify the best alternative and recommend a step by step plan of action.

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