• Provide reference, in proper and consistent style, to the idea or information (including text,
chart or graphic) of each source (e.g. books, articles, internet, etc.) that you have used in your
• Paper format: printed in A4 size, text font 12, 25mm margins, single line spacing.
• Provide assignment cover page with information: course title, course code, name of the
teaching staff, student full English name, student ID
• The hardcopy of the assignment shall be stapled on the top left hand corner; No plastic covers;
No plastic binding edge and etc.
• A hardcopy of your assignment shall be submitted on or before 4th April 2018, 5:00pm., by
dropping it into a collection box located outside the General Office of the Department of
Architecture and Civil Engineering, AC-1 Room B6322, on 6/F of Blue Zone.
• You are required to retain a softcopy (in MSWord format) of your submitted assignment until
the end of Jun 2018. The softcopy may be required to submit upon the call from the teaching
staff and be checked by plagiarism detection softwares. Students who cannot provide the
softcopy promptly may be subject to the mark deduction.
• Late/non-submission is subject to the penalties stipulated in the Course Outline.
• A submission which does not conform to the above requirements will be subject to the mark

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