argumentative essay

Critical Reading, Analysis, and Evaluation
For EACH of the 10 written texts, complete the following:
1. Summarize the text. See the list of dos and don’ts on page 331 for tips on this.
2. Write a critical response in which you analyze presented in the text and express your reaction to those
ideas. The checklist on page 78 is helpful with this task.
For ONLY the Kinnerly, McPeak, and DiSipio written texts, complete the following:
1. Write a rhetorical analysis. Go into depth and detail. You will probably have to research the author,
publication, and context to do this well. Use the checklist on page 113 as your guide.
2. Write an evaluation of the text. This means you will pass judgement on the merit and/or value of the
text in helping you to better understand the research question and to write your own strong argument.
Follow the steps in Chapter #8 to do this and be sure to include each of the 6 parts of an evaluation.
For ONLY the visual texts, complete the following:
1. Write a critical response to the visual argument. Follow the checklist on page 94-95 as your guide.
Part Two: Argumentative Essay
Using the sources noted above, as well as three additional academic sources of your choosing, write an
argumentative essay that responds to the question, “Is technology a serious threat to our privacy”?


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