Article to review

Article to review

In no more than 900 words, develop a review of that reading which includes:
1.    A statement of the key objectives of the reading.
2.    A summary of key arguments and evidence, drawing on the reading itself for evidence (use both paraphrasing and direct quotes).
3.    An evaluation of whether you find the logic of the reading convincing, and an explanation of why this is the case (you may refer to other scholars and secondary sources here).
Please use full sentences and proper paragraphs. Dot points are not acceptable. Information about submission and penalties is available in the course outline. This is designed to

Details of Reading:
Nozick, Robert. 1974. “Chapter 5. The State.” In Anarchy, State, and Utopia: Basic Books. 88-119.    Feedback (Assessor Use ONLY)

Understanding of reading, as demonstrated by summary of arguments and ideas:

Depth of engagement with reading, as demonstrated by the quality of questions asked about author’s arguments and evidence:
Choose an item.

Clarity of writing, as demonstrated by use of proper sentences and correct spelling and punctuation:
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Word length penalty (if applicable):
Choose an item.Summarise the main argument or objective of the reading:

Argument:Nozick argues that the lowest state offering only security services to the citizens is the only one that can be justified. Any state that has alarger criteria is not justified and proposes a utopia based on the substantial approach applied to communities instead of individuals.
Objective: To refute the claims made by “principled objections” of the anarchist.
“An independent might be prohibited from extracting justice because his procedure is known to be too risky and dangerous”- Robert Nozick(1974)
Identify the main evidence provided in support of this argument/objective:

Nozick claims that we do not have to examine specific governments that have existed at certain points in history. Instead, what needs to be done in order to defeat the anarchist’s objection is to offer an explanation of how a minimal state could arise in a morally permissible manner.
Identify 2 aspects of the reading that you don’t understand:

-This article was written in 1974 when wealth was not so evenly distributed as it would be now.Thus, it is not easy to understand his views on creating a “utopia.
-His concept of “individualism”.

What question would you like to ask the author of this reading?    -The fact that all the wealth was to be concentrated to the most gifted person. Would it be fair?

How would he rewrite his theories on “individualism”, “the state” and creating utopia in this current era.