As an IT manager, I will determine and critically analyse the policies


  • As an IT manager, I will determine and critically analyse the policies for managing the IT function in the organization of my scenario, so I can clearly demonstrate the rationale for selecting them.
  • IT policies identified and critically analysed
  • Rationale for selecting the policies
  • Synthesis and quality of information sources used/cited


I have chosen an IT company name Seasia InfoTech Pvt Ltd. which is CMMI level 5 company. The company is providing IT services for many years. It offers services like software development, web development, digital marketing and many other services. Its corporate office is in California, US but its development center is in Mohali, India. The company got CMMI Level 5 certification two years ago which is the highest certification for an IT service provider company. The company is Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, and it has also been assessed at ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2000 standards.

As I am the IT Manager of Seasia InfoTech, there will be so many responsibilities on me. First I will make the best IT strategy which will help the company to achieve their goals. The IT manager and his team will make the best IT system to give support to the organization. They will check whether the IT resources are available for the company to meet their goals. As the manager of the IT organization need to work together with the executives so that we can come up with an IT strategy that will be able to support the objectives of the organization and also be in the position of building a strong competitive advantage

The manager needs to work together with the team so that it has provided the right level of IT resources so that it can meet the changing levels of demand among the customers.

IT manager has to work with the IT team in development and operation of the network to support effective communication and collaboration.IT manager will bring the latest Internet Protocol network which has the full capability of carrying large internet traffic on a single network. IP network replaces telephone systems with an IP based systems. It helps to bring new and advanced communication tools in the company.


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