1. Discuss the best approch for sertony re.Organisation control.please provide your assumtion and the condations that would need to exist for an alternative apploch to be selected.
2. calculate the total scope 1,2,and 3 emission-s of sertony Ltd pty
3. Given the nature of the organisation;identifly whether there are any risk associated with using the calculation undertaken in part (ii)as the base year
4. Discuss the potential risk and opportunities for Sertony Ltd Pty, based on its emission pfofile and downstreamexposure
5. Outline an achiverble carbon management strategy that Sertony cound outline the potencial benefits and risk 6. identifly and evalute potenciel oppotunities tha the organisation can engage in to reduse its emmission.
6. Outline what a potencial carbon offset strategy for bSertony Ltd PTY
7. Idetifly the key stake holders in the carbon management strategy and highlight some of the challanges that may be faced in the angagement phase.

individual Assignment

Sertony Ltd Pty is a property group which encompasses funds management, investment, development and property investment banking. It is a top 100 ASX listed company and currently only has offices in Australia.

To date, Sertony has approximately A$15 billion of assets under management.

The annual energy consumed from Sertony’s assets is outlined below:

Site address    State    Electricity consumed (kwh)    Diesel consumed (kL)    Gas consumed (GJ)
4 Martin Place, Sydney    NSW    7,500,000    3000    9500
35 George Street, Parramatta    NSW    4,567,870    N/A    6500
45 Grete St, Lidcome    NSW    5,678,990    N/A    1000
576 Harwood Place, Pyrmont    NSW    2,145,670    4350    N/A
56 Trent Road, Ryde    NSW    8,900,800    N/A    N/A
356 Market Street, Acton    ACT    4,354,670    1000    4500
67 Kent Street, Mitchell    ACT    2,134,670    N/A    3450
87 Kylie Road, Richardson    ACT    3,435,670    870    N/A
65 Metry Road, Campbeltown    SA    990,890    N/A    5430
67 North Street, Adelaide    SA    678,980    560    3000
67 Skype Place, Rose Park    SA    3,200,560    1000    N/A
56 Yetra Street, Ipswich    QLD    3,430,890    N/A    1000
89 Loop Place, Brisbane    QLD    123,456    N/A    870
78 Yutu Street, Armadale    WA    2,100,230    400    N/A
134 Red Street, Ashfield    WA    765,890    N/A    1240

The staff at Sertony Pty Ltd has also undertaken the following road and flight travel nationally:

Mode of travel    Dollars spent (annual)    Km traveled (annual)
Taxi    $980,000    N/A
Car allowances    $234,000    N/A
Air flights        23,456,780 km