Aum Shinrikyo

The research paper is based on content rather than page count. The research paper should consist of the following information:

• History or background of the terrorist organization
• Mission or mission statement of the terrorist group
• Hierarchy or organizational structure of the group
• Specific members and leaders of the terrorist organization
• Motivations or rationale for violence
• Examples of previous or planned attacks
• If any countries or other organizations support the terrorist group
• Describe how the organization is financed or where they receive their financial support
• Describe recruitment techniques of the terrorist organization
• Explain how the United States or foreign government(s) monitor the organization
• Any additional valuable data and information involving the terrorist organization

In addition, the research project involves proper technical and formal research writing. Avoid using words such as, them, those, they, we, him, her, he, she, it, that etc. If you are referring to a person use their last name. If you are referring to a group use the group’s name. Never use “I” in a research paper unless you specifically observed the action. Some helpful hints include citing additional scholarly material found in databases such as, Proquest or Ebscohost. Do not find one article and cite the article throughout the document. Expand your research for additional quality material, which will support your claims. Remember students should support each claim in the document by using materials such as, studies, statistics, facts, and strong research.
Try to avoid non-scholarly research such as, magazines, unsupported website, newspaper articles, and T.V. articles etc. Using scholarly material will allow students to be an efficient and effective writer. Remember Wikipedia is not a scholarly resource. Government websites, academic databases, and textbooks are prime examples of scholarly research. Furthermore, if the professor observes any forms of plagiarism the student will automatically receive a zero on the project. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and the professor will check each cited material within the document. Please refer to the student handbook for additional information on plagiarism.
​​The student should utilize correct A.P.A. writing guidelines, which involves Times New Roman, 12 font, double-spaced document. Proper in-text citations must be included within the document.

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