Automotive essay (canadian)


General information about the subject(course) short outline

Course Description:

This course introduces the participant to the vast size and importance of the automotive aftermarket to the automotive industry of Canada. Furthermore, the course examines the proliferation of products and services offered as well as the job and career opportunities available in this segment of the automotive industry.


 You have just been hired as part of a team by the provincial government to gather information regarding the impact of “disruptors” on the Canadian automotive aftermarket. Your assignment is to examine one disruptor and provide a concise 1200 word report regarding the aftermarket’s future.

Resources needed to complete this report would include your aftermarket notes, aftermarket websites, industry journals such as “Jobber News” and AIA reports.

Make sure to include the following points when writing your report

  1. Define the term “automotive disruptors” (5 marks)
  2. Based on your research, identify and define the single most important and significant disruptor (5 marks)
  3. How will this disruptor affect the aftermarket’s future; challenges and opportunities; supply and demand in terms of
  4. Technology (10 marks)
  5. Human Resources (10 marks)
  6. Consumers (10 marks)
  7. Canadian Economy (10 marks)
  8. List references on separate page using APA format (mandatory) (5 marks)
  9. Submit document to TURNITIN




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