Berkshire Hathaway

i chose Berkshire Hathaway as the company that I’m going to talk about you have to use their web site as sources.

it is a report that it is external so its to the public, its separated to parts,
first part its
1. introduction: where you have to give a summary of the company, also where it stand right know, and the issues and so on. and you have to have #Infographic too.
2. SWOT , you have to be specific and you have to explain it, the #SWOT has to be as a table.
3- execution : what are they doing right now in any shape or form like are they doing good or not whether its working or not.
4- competition: who are they, what are they doing better than us and so on.
5- conclusion: you have to give the 3 recommendation that you think is value and is going to help the company thrive

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