Hey, i have a final year project and it is about biodiesel. i have made the engine test. however i need a professional writer to make for me the combustion part as i have the files of the results that i have get it from engine and i will upload you a files but it will not open only with (Kistler program) as after opening i think the writer should convert it to excel and make the calculation the hardest part. More over, then i need a discussion about it and please read any literature review to understand it very well. I will upload you a file called A(100%) it is chicken biodiesel you will see beside the name of the files number 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 As i have get the results in different percentage (load: 1.9KW) 1 for 20% , (load 3.8KW) 2 for 40% , (load :5.7KW) 3 for 60% , (load: 6.65KW) 4 for 70% , (load:7.6KW) 5 for 80% , (load: 9.75KW) 6 for 100% till the last. however if every thing was fine i will send you the others V is cotton seed biodiesel. in discussion you can add many reference


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