Create a blog

Topic for blog is culture and traditions of African Americans from the colonial period, revolutionary p eriod,  civil war period to 1877.

Upload youtube videos to blog

Insert hyperlinks to primary sources

Describe each event you choose, telling the who, what, where, when, how and why.

Answering why is the most important aspect of each description

Why were the events important in terms of development for the topic and wider African history?

Why did you select it

Why should anyone care about the events?

At the end, turn in a blog of 15 events and through a blog introduction and conclusion, and possibly additional entries in between events or transitional paragraphs.

Polish the blog into a final product and best address the question of significance within blog

Post pictures and links to youtube videos or other web pages you found useful in writing the blog

Be sure to site any material or pictures you receive from websites, primary sources and secondary sources when you post

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