Essential Topics to Include:

1. Introduction

Introduction needs a clear plan (purpose) for the essay.
Why is the reader reading it?
What are they going to get from reading it?
Brief layout/plan for the essay.

2. Experience working and communicating with the group from the time your group was first formed until just before your presentation. This should include:

Did you experience any challenges?
How did you negotiate/overcome challenges?
What went well, what didn’t?
What did you learn from working in your group?
How did you practice?
What changes were made as a result of practice, and watching your practice video?

3. Your evaluation of how you felt the actual presentation went for the group, and especially your own part of the presentation.

Actual public speaking skills, as discussed in class (for both yourself and group members). Point out where you and group members did especially well, and where changes/improvements would have helped:
Connecting with the audience
Eye contact
Use of voice
Body movement
Knowing what you do now, if you were given a time machine and could go back to the beginning, what would you do differently to improve your experience in the group, and the group presentation? Explain (Do not say that you wouldn’t change anything, because it was a learning experience!)
Personal reflection, thinking back on the experience right after it happened. Did you feel it went well? Were you disappointed with anything?
Reflect on video recording of your actual Group presentation (USE EXAMPLES FROM THE VIDEO)
What could have been done to improve the presentation?

4. Your individual TEDTalk Presentation:

Critique your preparation, topic, presentation, presentation skills, and visual aids:
How did I prepare for the presentation?
What did I do well in the presentation?
What problems did I experience?
What could I have done differently?
What did I learn from this experience that will help me in the future?
Reflect on the video recording of your TEDTalk presentation (USE EXAMPLES FROM THE VIDEO)
Actual public speaking skills, as discussed in class. Point out where you did especially well, and where changes/improvements could be made.

5. Reflection on Your Change in Presentation Skills:

Compare your public speaking skills from past presentations (3-min presentation, Group NUG Challenge Presentation, Individual TEDTalk Presentation)
Have you improved? (be specific)
What, if anything, are you doing differently?
Preparing the topic
Creating visual aids
Preparing to present
Actual presentation skill changes
If you feel your skills are still the same since before you joined the class, what do you feel you can take away (remember) from your experiences in COM175?

6. Conclusion

Be specific in referring to public speaking skills we have addressed in class lessons/activities/readings/videos.
What has been the most useful part of the course towards improving your public speaking/presentation skills?
Could anything else have happened or been taught during the class to help you more?


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