Manage an Information or Knowledge Management System






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To be completed from the learner’s handbook.


Executive Summary

(Write a brief synopsis of your Knowledge management plan here)

Aims & Objectives

(Why are you writing this report? What is it about?)

The need for Knowledge management

(Why do you need to manage knowledge in your organization? How will it benefit the organization?)

Knowledge Creation

(What knowledge needs to be created? A few examples of areas of concern are as follows)

Skills and competencies

Organizational knowledge

Legislations & Rules

Team dynamics

Inventory Control

Knowledge harnessing & sharing

(How will the knowledge be used? In what ways will it benefit the organization?)

Knowledge management process

(How will the knowledge be created? What sources will you use to gain this knowledge? What methods will you use to get this knowledge from those sources?)

Staff learning & development plans

(Talk about the different training needs of new and existing employees? How will you satisfy these training needs? How will it help the organization? )

Knowledge management resources

(What resources will you need for putting together the knowledge management plan and executing it? What are the most prioritised amongst these resources?)

Perceived constraints & Contingency measures

(What obstacles do you expect to face during the whole process? How can they be avoided? How will you overcome these difficulties?)

Evaluation of Knowledge management system

(Mark the system you have generated. Will it be an advantage to your organization? How will it make things better? What are the issues that need to be improved? Who will measure the effectiveness of the plan?)



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