304LON – CW2 Assignment Brief
End of Module Assessment – Developing as an HR Business Partner (Recorded
Video Presentation)
For the End of Module assessment for students taking this module for the first
time you will have the opportunity to undertake an analysis of your own
professional development needs in relation to the role of HR Business Partner in
an industry of interest to you. You will then be required to present your analysis
to your line manager in a recorded video presentation (10 minutes video
recording) to garner their support and commitment.
In your presentation you should address the following questions:
1. What is the role of the International HR Business Partner in your specific
chosen industry?
2. How has the industry and this role changed over the last 10 years and
how is the role expected to change in the future?
3. What challenges do International HR Business partners currently face in
the different HRM areas in your chosen industry e.g. recruitment,
selection, employee participation, learning and development etc.?
4. What influence do external stakeholders exert on the typical
responsibilities of International HR Business Partners?
5. As an HR Business Partner how can you contribute to the strategic
success of the organisation? Demonstrate these using specific key
performance indicators in HR
6. Discuss your skills development requirements to progress to the role of
an HR Business Partner and specific request for the training to help you
to excel in this career.
The presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes and should include the
use of appropriate audio-visual materials to cover the above 6 points. You will be
expected to submit a copy of your presentation slides to your assignment link
provided on Moodle. Another link will be available for the recorded video
presentation. Hence, there are two deliverables in this assignment:
The Presentation Slides (A maximum of 15 slides not including the title slide and
slide with the list of references). The Presentation slides must contain detailed
explanation notes in the notes section of each slide. You will need to submit the
slides to the link on Moodle called ‘304LON CW2 Presentation Slides Submission.’
An individual 10-minute recorded video presentation that captures each student
answering the key points above. You may use a software such as Screencast-OMatic
(free software that can be downloaded from
). You will need to save the presentation on your desktop or laptop and then
upload it to Mahara – our e-portfolio system. You will then submit this link to
Mahara to Moodle for the Recorded Video Presentation, ‘304LON CW2 Recorded
Video Submission’
Presentation Duration: 10 minutes: Each student will have 10 minutes in total in
the recording. Please note that you will be penalized (i.e. lose marks) if you
exceed your scheduled time. You will also be unable to upload the presentation if
the file size exceeds the size specified, hence it is important that you keep the
time limit of 10 minutes for the recording.
To summarise , these are the steps to be followed for CW2:
• First Create your presentation answering all questions on the assignment brief
in PowerPoint and save the slides to your folder on your laptop
•Use Screencast-o-matic to record a 10 minute video presentation using these
presentation slides. Save the video to your laptop.
•Upload your recorded video to Mahara – our e-portfolio system
•Submit the link to the Video on Mahara to the submission link titled ‘304 CW2
Video Presentation’ on Moodle. DO NOT UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO MOODLE
DIRECTLY, the file size will be too large and it will not upload.
Key Deliverables to be submitted to Moodle:
1. Presentation Slides: Submit your slides to the link ‘304LON CW2 Presentation
Slides Submission’
2. Recorded Video Presentation: First save the video to Mahara and then submit
this link to ‘304LON CW2 Recorded Video Submission’


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