Assessment Task 1 – Research Essay

Course code and name: BUSM4403 Ethics and Governance

Assessment name: Research Essay

Length: 2000 words (+-50 words), exclusive of appendices, references, etc.

Topic: Is hiring ethical people the most important factor involved in creating and sustaining an ethical organization?

NOTE: You are required to work in the above topic and argue either in the affirmative (for) or the negative (against). You should think of writing this research essay as participating a debate. In arguing your case you are also required to anticipate the response from the alternative argument and counter those arguments in your essay.

Your research should begin with academic databases EBSCO, Science Direct, ABI, Emerald etc. Google Scholar is a useful part of your search but should not be the only part. Web search engines are not that useful. You might use Wikipedia to develop your understanding of a topic but you would not include information from there in your assignments, nor would you reference it. Do not reference Wikipedia. Instead you should find more authoritative sources to reference and support your arguments.



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