Learning Activity #1 (only 1 this week!)

What were your top five learning moments of this course? What five theories/concepts struck you, were new to you, or were known to you already but now you’ve gained a deeper understanding? How will these aid you in your professional endeavors? Demonstrate how these concepts are interrelated to one another as well. Use our Career Services ( to explain how these will aid your future career goals.

It is imperative that you properly cite in-text and reference list whenever ideas from sources are used to inform your own, even if not quoting verbatim. Our numerous weekly content materials of weeks 1-7 should be your primary source for this DQ.

When discussing culture, continue to rely upon the sites previously shared:

Geert Hofstede’s renowned typology on national cultural values This sight also provides a country-comparison page to compare other cultures against our US culture. Additionally, his dimensions of organizational culture are

Beyond Intractability’s extensive article database on cross-cultural communications and behaviors. Cross-cultural communications and Communication Tools for Understanding Cultural Differences

Your initial response should be at least 300 words in length to earn any points. Cite all reference sources using APA format. Use in-text parenthetical citations, for example (Organizational Behavior, 2014, ch. #, p. #), within your response content, and full citations referenced at end (see Content/Using APA).

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