Business law

BUSINESS LAW CA1 – Individual Assignment
Apr 2018
Tommy is magician who was engaged by a private school, Success Infinite Now Pte Ltd
(“SIN”), to perform at SIN’s open house. The Managing Director and majority shareholder
of SIN is Johnson. Tommy and Johnson were full-time Lecturers in the same university 5
years ago. They had known each other for about 3 years when they were lecturing in the
university. They resigned from the university to pursue their passions.
Tommy was very happy to be able to help his friend Johnson in SIN’s open house. He
trusted Johnson and signed a contract to perform without negotiating his fees. The terms
of the contract required Tommy to attend 2 rehearsals 3 weeks before the event.
During the first rehearsal, Tommy was unhappy with the organising committee. The
organising committee was organising the event for the first time. The rehearsal was totally
During the rehearsal, Tommy spoke to another performer, Terry the Juggler. Tommy
realised that Terry’s performance as only 20 minutes and he was paid $2,000.00. Tommy
was to perform for 60 minutes and his fees was $1,000.00. Tommy walked out of the
stage and left his magician props unattended. He contacted Johnson on his mobile phone
and said that he found out about Terry’s fees. He also said the following:
“Johnson, you are my friend and I trusted that you would be fair and reasonable to me.
You have underpaid me for my performance. I am not going to come for the next rehearsal
or the open house. I will make myself disappear.”
Tommy did not give Johnson a chance to reply. He went back to the stage to collect his
magician props and realised that it was badly damaged by the student volunteers who
moved the props to the side of the stage.
Advise Tommy on the following:-
a) Discuss the relevant elements in the formation of a contract with regards to the
following facts:
(i) Both Tommy and Johnson were friends before they entered into the
(ii) Tommy’s fees of $1,000 as compared to Terry the Juggler’s fees of
(20 marks)
b) Whether Tommy is entitled to claim for compensation from SIN with regards
his props which were damaged by the student volunteers. You may assume
that SIN will be responsible for acts by the student volunteers and that the
contract does not have any express terms that SIN will be responsible for any
damage to the performers’ property during the rehearsals or open house.
(10 marks)
c) Will your answer to (b) be different if the contract has the following clause:
“SIN does not accept the responsibility for any loss or damage the performer
or his property howsoever caused during the rehearsals or actual open house.
The performer is to take care of his property at all times.”
(15 marks)
NOTE for (a), (b) and (c). Discuss the relevant LEGAL PRINCIPLES in relation to the
facts, APPLY the legal principles to the facts before reaching your CONCLUSION.
Performance Guide for students:
Marks will be awarded for:
(i) Content :
a. Clear usage, statement and explanation of relevant legal principles
b. Original, clear, logical and convincing discussion on application of the laws
to the facts
c. Statement of Conclusion
d. Appropriate referencing (in‐text and list of references)
(ii) Number and quality of references: At least 5
(iii) Organization of answer and writing style (including spelling, grammar, syntax
etc). Please make sure you use “Grammar and Spell check” functions to check
your submissions.
Up to 5 marks will be awarded towards (i), (ii) and (iii)
(5 marks)
(Total marks: 50 marks)
INSTRUCTIONS for Continuous Assessment 1 : Individual Assignment
 Deadlines and Guidelines are provided on the course D2L site
 This is an Individual Assignment marked upon 50 marks.
 Weightage for this assignment and participation in the 5 quizzes (topics 2 to 6):
15% (assignment) and 5% (quizzes) of the total marks for this module.
 Marks for the quizzes will be released after the CA1 Individual Assignment
 Assignment should be type‐written using 12 pt ARIAL font and 1.5 line spacing.
 Word limit is 1200 words (excluding words in references) and must be printed at
the end of assignment.
CA Submission
 CAs must be submitted online via D2L portal.
 Deadlines, instructions and detailed guidelines are provided on the course D2L
 Please read instructions and guidelines provided on D2L portal and in this
document carefully.
 Ignorance of specific directions mentioned in these documents will not be
considered as a valid reason which will lead to marks deductions and may lead to
failure in the CA component of this course.
 If you have further queries, please read the FAQ. If after you have read the FAQ,

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