Business Strategy

Business Strategy

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Need to revise the work below according to the feedback.

Question 1 – Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions – You cover the main advantages and disadvantages of the 3 approaches to strategic development, however you do not support with current examples from the mobile phone industry or relate them to the case study at all. You could improve this question by giving examples of recent business activity related to Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances from the mobile phone industry and why the companies entered into these arrangements;

· Question 2 – Knowledge Management – Good background to knowledge creation and links to mergers, acquisitions and alliances. Again, you have not related to examples related to the mobile phone industry and how these companies are creating and sharing knowledge;

· Question 3 – CSR – Needs more work. The question asks whether CSR concentrates on environmental issues only. The theories you discuss are excellent examples but do not address the question. Do the theories suggest that companies should focus on the environment or are there other factors they need to take into account? Likewise, can you provide examples of mobile phone related companies activities and relate them to whether they concentrate on environmental activities only of other aspects of CSR as well.

I just want to clarify that you can use the provided documents as a first references. Incase if you couldn’t find the answers in the documents you can check the internet for example BBC or articles.

Q.1 Alliances, Merger and acquisition

1.Definition: Alliances, Merger and acquisition

2.Advantages and disadvantages of strategic alliances n with Merger and acquisition

3.Example of current Business and link it to advantages and disadvantages. (Current example seems to be linking to what happened to the business today).

4.Link the advantages and disadvantages to global envoirment. Why there is huge increase

5.Conclusion (what we found). Use intent references for example ( BBC, 2015).

Q.2 Knowledge management.

1. Definition Tacit vs. explicit knowledge SECI

2. What it is knowledge creation theory?

3. How do orgnisation create knowledge

4.Why it is important ?

5.Example of organization

6. Link it to Alliance, Merger and acquisition

7.Conclusion (Summary of main points)

Q.3CSR (Most of the case of organization focuses in envoirment activities)

1.Definition of CSR

2.Talk about the following theories and discuss them who agree and disagree: This part must be critical A)Friedman said its all bout profit. He disagrees with the statement. He said it’s not about envoirment at all. It is all about profit. (Talk about it)

Business case for CSR – B) Carroll A. (1979; 2000) Four responsibilities of business: ? Economic ? Legal ? Ethical ? Discretionary/Philanthropic C) John Elkington (1994) – Triple Bottom Line

3)Make a critical evaluation

4) Stakeholders- Theory – Friedman

5)Example -Provide business example / apple they constrate on envoirmental activities and other things.

6)Link to the question How CSR Benefits the company, why they undertaken CSR Long-term benefits

7)Conclusion Based on the evaluation that presented .Yes,.. This is the situation that company are in…