Business Studies

Business Studies

M5 Term Paper – BP Deep-Water Horizon Oil Spill
Please submit the final paper, an analysis of the PR response to the BP Oil Spill.

Assignment instructions: Your term paper must be presented in a professional manner and follow the APA format. The title page must include your name, course, the title of assignment, professor’s name, and date. Using the APA format, your analysis must 1) contain properly cited sources, 2) have a references list with 8 – 12 sources listed, 3) use a twelve point Times New Roman font, 4) be double spaced, with one inch margins, 5) contain proper capitalization, and 6) include relevant section headings, and 7) be 8 – 10 pages long, exclusive of the title page and the references list. The evaluation will consider content organization, clarity of writing, vocabulary use, and proper grammar. Your term paper should be submitted as a MS Word attachment via each assignment drop box. Relevant charts and tables can be included.

The bulk of your paper should be an analysis of the key PR issues and BP’s response.

To review citations, visit the ESC Library’s Citation Basics. The evaluation will consider content organization, clarity of written work, grammar and spelling, and the quality and depth of your analysis. You can review written assignment evaluation categories in the Course Syllabus section of the course, in the Learning Contract. The term paper represents 35% of your grade.

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