Business Studies


BUY Project includes 3 parts: (200 pts.)
Individually each of you will be completing a ‘BUY’ projects/presentation this semester.
Business applications are built based on the requirements from the business users. Also, these
business applications are built to use certain kind of Business transactions or data items. These
business applications run flawlessly until there are no new business requirements or there is no change
in underlying Business transactions. Also, the business applications run flawlessly if there are no issues
with computer hardware, computer network (Internet/intranet), computer disks, power supply, and
various software components (middleware, database, computer programs, etc.).
Business applications can break when an unexpected error occurs. This error could occur due to data
error (unexpected data input or wrong data input), environment error (infrastructure related errors),
programming error, human error and work flow error. When business application breaks, one needs to
fix the business application error as soon as possible so that the business user can resume their work.
This work of resolving business application error is known as business application support.
The first portion is the Buy Proposal (50 points)
This is in the form of a Microsoft Word Document. 2 pages minimum, double spaced. With a MLA or
APA cover page. (See example).
In this proposal you are to choose/create a company of your choice to hire you to evaluate competitive
software that will improve one issue within their business. You will compare 3 software
programs/apps for the issue and eventually narrow it down to the best choice. The ‘lecture’ on
Blackboard focuses on a banking business that needs to update its software for improved customer
service as well as information input.
You may design your proposal on a company you currently work for, a job you’ve had in the past or you
may create a complete fictional company that has functioning issues in which you will decide HOW you
propose to solve the issues.
Remember to include one issue in the company and COMPARE THREE software programs/apps to
present that will resolve the company issue.
The second portion is the Buy Excel Project (50 points)
This is to be completed using Microsoft Excel and must include a chart/graph as well as a summary
page. (See example).
You will be using Microsoft Excel to prepare the evaluation of the 3 competitive software
programs/apps that you have chosen by putting the appropriate information about the products you
are comparing and the ten categories you think are important to your selected business.
You may utilize most of the information that is on the Excel template.
The third portion is the Buy Presentation (100 points)
This is in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You are to time yourself (using your slides
AND your notes to be sure it is 10 minutes in length. 20 slides minimum.)
 You are to create a 10-12 minute presentation and rather than presenting it to me in my office
or in class you will add notesto EACH slide as if you were giving the presentation to an
audience OR you may record your presentation and submit that.
 Each slide should have no more than 7 x 7 rule (7 words and 7 bullets)
 You must use your NOTES panel for the commentary of each slide
The presentation should do the following:
In 2 – 3 minutes give the title and author of the presentation and give us some background about the
business that is going to purchase the software you are recommending.
In 2 – 3 minutes explain the issues that the business is having and what the most important
characteristics of the software are that the company is looking for.
In 2 – 3 minutes tells us about the three software systems you evaluated and highlight the pros/cons of
each. (this step should be at least 2 slides per software program)
In 2 – 3 minutes show us how you used Excel (chart/graph) to compare the three software programs
and the results.
In 2 – 3 minutes make you recommendation and summarize your reasons.
Be sure to conclude your presentation with a contact information slide and an ending slide.
The presentation should take from 10 to 12 minutes and you will be graded as follows:
 30% did you explain the main reasons the business needs this type of software?
 30% did you explain how each piece of software would answer the business’s needs?
 25% did you correctly use Excel to objectively evaluate the software products?
 15% did your recommendation fit with the evaluation and the rest of the report?
 Customer Relation Management (CRM)
 Decision Making
 Accounting/Payroll Solutions
 Production tracking
 Increase Productivity
 Inventory Management
 Accounting software
 Construction software
 Customer relationship management
 Decision making software
 Dashboard (business)
 Digital solutions provider (DSP)
 Document automation
 Document management system
 Electronic business
 Electronic data processing
 Electronic performance support systems
 Enterprise software
 ERP software
 Inventory software
 Legal matter management
 Management information systems
 Operational risk management
 Product lifecycle management
 Project management software
 Retail software
 Supply chain management
 Production support
 Data Security Management
 Marketing
 Automation
 Scalability
 Scheduling
 Mobile Applications

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