Business Studies

Develop a ConOps for your UAS course project. Choose a specific operation that is representative of your business model and build your ConOps based on that. For example, if you are using a precision agriculture business model and your intent is to survey fields with your UAS, then build a ConOps for one field and that will serve as the baseline ConOps, which can then be applied to any other field you survey in the future.

Your ConOps must be a professional product that details your operation from start to finish. Include pictures and maps as required. Use current APA format (where applicable).

Include administrative, flight, mission, and safety data in your ConOps. Review this document for (minimum) specific information you must include in your ConOps (File below), Consolidate this information into a 2-3 page (maximum) easy to read document. Provide an overview of the flight operations area. Google Earth is a good tool to develop the flight operations area; however, you may use any tool that you are most accustomed to using.


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