Can globalization work better for poor countries? Discuss with reference to at least one developing country.

3000 words.

2. At least 80% of your references should be from academic books and journals. In addition, you may use a few references, in the form of reports or statistics only, from: international agencies such as the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program; non- governmental organizations such as the Red Cross; and national governments. If necessary these may be accessed via the worldwide web. You may use one or two newspaper or magazine articles if necessary. You may not use any other material from the worldwide web: media reports, bulletins, updates, commentaries, statistics, university websites, travel reports, popular websites, and anything else other than reports and statistics from recognized development agencies.

3. Use the Harvard system of referencing. This means you do not use footnotes or endnotes for referencing, and you do not use „ibid‟ and/or „op cit‟ at any time.

4. Less than 20 references for your essay would be unacceptable.


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