Capital Markets

Question 3
As capital markets have become more integrated, firms are increasingly exploring ways of raising capital internationally.
a) What are the main assumed benefits to a firm of raising capital internationally and what ways are open to firms in order to do so?
[60 Marks]
b) What are the main assumed benefits for investors from investing internationally rather than only domestically?
[40 Marks]

You are expected to demonstrate evidence of reading beyond standard textbooks and lecture notes. The further readings suggested are just the starting point for your assignment.
Criteria for a good essay:
 A solid reference list based on reliable sources
 Good understanding of key concepts and ideas covered in the module
 Some criticality and originality
 Inclusion of data and graphs where relevant
 Development of well-integrated arguments so that the whole essay holds together well
 Inclusion of examples and illustrations where relevant
 Substantiated conclusions

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