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CO1098 – Information Management Practical 3
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Practical 3
Word 2013 Assessment
This practical is formally assessed, and will count for 30% of your final mark. Please note
that this has to be an individual piece of work. The document file produced in this exercise
must be handed in via Blackboard by Friday, 4
th November 2016, 6pm. Failure to meet the
deadline will result in marks being deduced in accordance with University policy.
Using Word 2013 create a car review brochure/ leaflet: include some descriptions, in at least
four review categories (e.g. Performance, Economy, Exterior, Reliability). Please make sure
you define different styles for category names and descriptions/ text, and apply them
consistently across the categories. The content is completely immaterial: the formatting is
what will be marked. In addition, create a title page with some art (choose from Shapes,
WordArt, SmartArt, Pictures) and an automatic table of contents for the four categories. You
can import Pictures, but please include references as footnotes (not footer).
Layouting/ formatting should make good use of the options you have been exploring in
Practicals 1 and 2, such as different fonts, font sizes, margins, character and paragraph
formatting, tabs and tab stops, at least 2 self-defined styles (defining and applying), and
Header/ Footer (different on title page), tables and page orientation or page setup, table of
contents, WordArt/ SmartArt/ Pictures. However, marks will also be awarded for the overall
impression, rather than each feature/ option being included once. Marks will be awarded as
Marking Scheme
Category Max Marks
General Presentation 20
Page Layout 14
Title page 10
Automatic Table of contents 10
Character and Paragraph Formatting 10
Defining and Applying Styles (min 2) 20
Pictures/ WordArt/ SmartArt/ Shapes/ Charts 10
Header/ Footer/ Footnotes 6
Total 100

Practical 3(5)

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