Career Exploration

STEP 1: Take Self-Assessments on

Go to à create an account à Site ID Code: CVUPNUN à Click on “My Path”
Take the following assessments and print out your results to assist you with your paper write up:
a) Inner Heroes

b) How Do I Learn?

c) C. What Are My Values?

d) D. MicroSkills

e) E. True Colors

STEP 2: Review Career Information on

Select 1 job title/career that came out your assessment results that you would like to learn more about.
Go to à enter the job title/career in the “Search Handbook” box
Print out pages to assist you with the paper write up under the tabs: “Summary” and “How to Become One”.

STEP 3: Assess the Cost of your Ideal Life-Style on

Go to à click on “Make Money Choices” à click on “Budget how much money you’ll need”
Proceed through the assessment and print out your results to assist with your paper write up.
STEP 4: Write a Reflection Paper

Write a 5 page paper reflecting on your experience from STEPS 1-3. 12 pt font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins.
2. Address the following questions:
a) What did you learned about yourself? What surprised you?

b) Does the job/career you researched match your assessment results and financial/lifestyle expectations from

c) How was this project helpful to your career exploration process?

d) What are your next steps for continuing to define your career goals?


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