Case study

Case study

Question text

Which character do you propose to base your case study upon?

Note that when I say “approach” I mean weekly topic – we cover

11 main approaches across the 12 weeks of semester (week 1 was a general introduction), even though each week might include more than one

You should apply 3 approaches (weeks) at around 400 words each. Here name the 3 approaches you propose along with a brief list
ofthe aspects of each approach that you will focus upon.

Character or case study is Bob Hawk a former prime minister of Australia; you can

google him as there is lengthy wikipedia of his life.

1. Psychodynamic approaches to understand an individual in order to make sense of

their relationship with others and how they view their world as well as their functioning which is based on interaction their conscious and

2. Using Skinner’s and Bandura’s behabiour theory that suggest that people model or imitate other’s behaviour to increase

certain behaviour that may be more attractive or beneficial to them.

3. I will relate Carl Roger’s and MasIow’s humanistic theory that

suggests that each human has unique qualities through personal growth and freedom.

Perhaps you could also compare other theories such as

-May’s existential psychology

-Eysenck and the big 5 – Trait approach

The aim ofthis case study is to apply enough biography

elements ofthe character to help make argument using three theoretical approaches.

i.e. what would be a suitable theory that would apply to

the character.

To make reference of any quotes that you use

To be able to summarize the approaches to the case study.

No referencing is

required but if you want to provide a link i.e. Bob Hawk that would be all right.

Please let me know the three approaches that you will use.