case study analysis

case study analysis

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Case10: Indra Nooyi: A Transcultural Leader (PC4-9)

Group Report
Your report will broadly follow a case analysis report format and include the following structure:
1. Executive Summary (200 words)
2. Introduction and case overview (500 words)
3. Case Analysis and (1000 words)*
4. Conclusion (300 words)

*The case analysis section requires a critical discussion of the case study including additional critical discussion of the topic through use of recent scholarly research. More details will be communicated in the tutorial/workshop.
Criteria for Grading Group Report:
• Follows a correct report writing structure
• Includes an Executive Summary (an accurate one page summary of the main points addressed within the report)
• Body (Covers all the required areas, is well planned and written, demonstrates a sound grasp of the background knowledge, demonstrated the ability to collect and articulate information in accordance with relevant theoretical concepts).
• Conclusion
• Shows critical thinking and analytical ability.
• Substantiates all arguments or findings presented.
• Is adequately documented where appropriate.
• Presentation (Well written, presented professionally, grammar, expression and sentence structure).
• References (Range, quality and number of references)
• Complies with the Harvard System of notation or citation(e.g. use of surname and year in paragraph)
• Uses paraphrasing and avoids direct quotes

You just have to do the Case Analysis (825 words)