Causal Analysis of Hashimoto’s Disease

Instructions Summary

Choose one of your exploratory themes to expand into a longer critical essay that develops and proves an argument through substantial research and persuasion.

Your instructor will be your guide and will provide feedback through your prewriting, drafting, researching. Your instructor may also assign individual conferences.

General Requirements

1200-word minimum–this minimum does not include the abstract, outline, the title, the Works Cited or Reference page, the page numbers, or the headings. Writing below this word requirement will significantly drop your grade,
Five sources total. At least four credible, scholarly sources, two of which must be from the WSCC academic databases. Remember, this means your total sources will be five when you include the chosen reading from your ETS. However, you should already have one credible scholarly source from your ET 1 or ET 2, and therefore only need three more.
formatted according to discipline (liberal arts/evaluation & MLA OR social and natural sciences/causal analysis & APA; APA should have an abstract and MLA should have an outline).
Employing various modes of argumentation–including evaluation and/or causal analysis.

Rubric for Major Papers

Student Outcomes:

1. apply ENGL 1010 planning, organizing, drafting, revising and editing skills to the writing of literary argument papers in ENGL 1020.

2. read closely primary and secondary sources and understand them at interpretive and evaluative levels in preparation for writing about them.

3. distinguish among opinions, facts, inferences, and persuasive approaches in primary and secondary sources.

4. formulate thesis sentences based on readings of primary and/or secondary sources, to select material from them to support the thesis, and to write papers with well-developed ideas supporting the thesis.

5. use appropriate rhetorical patterns, such as comparison/contrast and argumentation, to demonstrate an understanding of the elements of fiction, poetry and drama in coherent essays which develop literary arguments from process to product.

6. manage, coordinate, and document primary and secondary sources according to MLA style in solving problems and arriving at decisions in the writing process.

7. compose papers using correct diction, syntax, usage, grammar, and mechanics


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