causes and effects of juvenile delinquency




  1. First page should be abstract. Start by identifying the problem or the situation of concern you have chose to focus on in the paper. In addition, briefly describe current thinking about the topic. This will help explain the context and purpose of the research.


  1. What did you do and what did you find out? In these sentences, you want to identify general points of evidence you found. Do not include author’s names, titles, or citations. Just briefly analyze the evidence you provide in the paper.


  1. Evidence-based conclusions which lead to your argument(thesis). In these sentences, you want to make a connection between your evidence and your argument. Discuss how you have come to conclusions based on our evidence. This is the part where you explain thesis statement.



  1. Announce your topic, hinting a type of language, evidence, and logic you will use in your paper.
  2. Provide your reader with the background needed to understand your paper. You may need to define terms, present a brief history, summarize the conversation or controversy, or identify areas where research is lacking.
  3. If you assume your readers already know something about your subject, then devote less time to providing background information and more stimulating interest. You may rise a thought provoking question, quote a startling or striking fact from an authoritative source, tell a story or use an anecdote.
  4. once you have provided background information and gained the reader’s attention, gradually turn towards your contribution to the ongoing discussion about the topic and state your argument in your thesis statement. Your thesis statement for the college level papers is usually the last sentence or sentences of the introductory paragraphs.

My ideas

  1. First, I want to say what others think about juvenile delinquency which is: juveniles should be punished for their crimes.
  2. Criticize their view and tell what they are missing.
  3. My view(claim) which is that there are many reasons why juveniles commit crimes
  4. 3 main Causes (environmental factors that influence children). Then tell the effects of these causes using sources. This should be organized in 3 body. Each cause should be explained thoroughly with evidence.
  5. Dysfunctional families
  6. Peer influence
  7. Economic problems in family

Build an argument around these causes. Each paragraph should be in A leads to B leads to C attire, along with sources. For eg:

Body I: asphalt deserts: the state of the schoolyard today

  1. schoolyard is important as a critical setting for children’s learning and play.
  2. Despite the schoolyard’s importance, most schoolyards don’t meet children’s needs. The Why?
  3. Reason1: the theoretical framework for schoolyards is outdated.
  4. Reason2: most American schoolyards are based on an equipment -based model,
  5. Reason3: most schoolyards are built with adults convenience in mind

Use a total of about 5 scholarly sources and 4 popular. I have one source which I used that could work for one of the topics. You can use it if u think it is necessary.

  1. ( 2013). Causes and solutions of juvenile delinquency.


Lastly, this whole paper should be in APA format. My conclusion should tie all my information together and make perfect sense based on my argument. All the sources should be arranged in alphabetical order on reference page. I need a minimum of 9, which 5 of those should be scholarly. Use a lot of evidence. Cite every source and make sure that every one of them is on the reference page.


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